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Ask VJ: Share any questions you have for NOTIQ's Founder below. Your questions may be featured in an upcoming video!

Megan Ramm
How did Notiq get started?? What’s the story behind the name?? What does the future look like for Notiq (any new products on the horizon?!)
What is your goal for the company? Are you going to expand? What inspires your planner designs?
Shawn H Davis
How do you organize your planner? What tips can you share with a "newbie" of how to setup, organize and use your planner everyday?
Shawn H Davis
Are there any plans to create the Lizard Folio in other colors? Maybe Green?...or Stone Grey (with a gold Notiq emblem)? It's a smiley and exciting thought/question :)
Shawna McGuffie
Do you intend to make the water bottles in glass?
Shawna McGuffie
Do you intend to put pockets on the discbound covers? Will the discbound covers come in other colors? Like Teal?
Amanda S Edwards
Any plans for a personalization option in the future? Maybe embossed monograms. When do you usually restock planner packages that can be purchased with covers?
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In the beginning of launching Notiq did you get discourage?

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