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Welcome to Club NOTIQ: An Online Community for the Elegant and Ambitious!


This community requests that all Club NOTIQ members be of 18 years of age or older, or have received a parent or guardian’s permission to join.


Club NOTIQ was created to be an elegant, loving, and inspiring space for the fans, followers and friends of the NOTIQ brand. In order to create a positive and engaging environment for the members of our community, we kindly request all members to treat each other with utmost respect and love. Members may disagree with an idea, however, they must be respectful of others at all times. Insults, threats, or harassment of other members, organizations, or employees are entirely prohibited and disallowed.


We kindly ask that you:

- Respect the privacy and personal information of other members

- Communicate with courtesy and respect


We also kindly ask that you refrain from:

- Making personal attacks on other community members or their affiliates

- The use of defamatory remarks or false statements against others

- Creating spam or junk posts throughout the community

- Sharing confidential or private information in the community

- Using the community to solicit third-party businesses


NOTIQ reserves the right to delete or modify - to the full extent that each respective social media platform allows - any post, image, or comment that:

- Are defamatory, discriminatory, hateful, vulgar, or inappropriate in nature; 

- Encourage or suggest illegal activity, announcements from labor or political organizations, and unintelligible or irrelevant posts;

- Threatens the safety and wellbeing of NOTIQ team members, community members, and their associated affiliates;

- Violates any of the guidelines outlined in this document.


At the discretion of the NOTIQ Moderator Team, community members who do not follow these guidelines may receive a warning or removal from the online community.


These Community Guidelines are subject to change at any time. Should you have any questions or concerns you may contact an Admin or Moderator for further clarification.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in helping make Club NOTIQ an elegant, loving, and inspiring space for all members. We’re so excited to have you as part of the community and can’t wait for you to join in on the fun!

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